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02 JulyRecycled | Fashion Show
Recycled | Fashion Show
Recycled | Fashion Show
- Main Terrace - GF

The final fashion show within Recycled project. The project’s concept revolved around readapting used clothes to modern outfits based on four exercises;

1. First exercise: The designers select a piece of the design, which was completed in the first phase of the project and modified.

2. Second exercise: The designers redesign a piece of clothing from the Samar Dawood boutique and produce a high quality piece of clothing with the largest proportion of the designed piece based on the original piece (70%-80% of the original piece).

3. Third exercise: The designers select and use non-traditional materials not usually used in fashion in designing their own pieces and work to produce a piece of high quality so that the non-traditional materials appear to be cloth.

4. Fourth exercise: The designers produce a fabric depending on one or more of these methods, or others: printing, tanning, embroidery, patching, weaving beads or textiles to produce an evening dress.


Maha Shaltaf

Yousef Alaiwi

Husam Al-Omari

Ma’n Alaiwi


Samar Dawood

Dua’ Wadi

Fida Touma

Yazid Anani

Note: Limited Seats, the guests are kindly requested to take their seats by 19:50.

Please make sure you reserve your seat in advance through