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فيلم - صائر غاب
2018Annual Programme
“Zoo” Film – “Fiction” Program
- Place: Theatre

Tickets: Free Entry



“Fiction” Program


Fiction program is one of the public program activities. In a well-known statement by Godard, he asserted that in 1948, when the Jews "walked out of the water to the ‘Holy Land’ -- the Palestinians walked into the water, the Jews became the stuff of fiction, the Palestinians became a documentary." The program promotes the production of short fiction films on Palestine contra to the common notion of documentary. The importance of this program relies in using fiction as a tool to fragmentize typical practices and to produce alternative paradoxes for looking to the future and to present ways of exploring the past.

 The public program invited filmmakers and artists to submit proposals for short fiction films that relate to the theme of Zoo and its limitless connotations, allegories and projections, notwithstanding the unfold the relationship between humans and animals.



Film - Rama Mar’i


“5 characters looking for an author…”