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مشاهد من الإمبراطورية العثمانية
2018Annual Programme
Views of the Ottoman Empire Produced by: EYE Museum
- Place: Theatre

Tickets: Free Entry




Views of the Ottoman Empire


Officially, there is no such thing as Ottoman film history. After the Empire's fall into smaller nation-states, each created a national film history, often disregarding the common denominators. “Views of the Ottoman Empire” archival project aims to bring together the numerous scattered images that can be found globally in the film archives to put them in the context of Ottoman culture and history. The project doesn't pretend to have ready answers; instead it is asking questions through the surviving archival images. Questions such as: where were the borders of the empire? Who shot these images and who watched them? What do these surviving images tell us about how the Ottoman Empire was seen from the outside? Can we detect common traits in these images that can give us clues about daily life and culture within the empire?


The program is a compilation of short archival footage, presented as they are found and without further editing, accompanied by live music and introductions.