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2018Annual Programme
Tasjeel Dokhoul “Log In; تسجيل دخول” - Faraj SuleimanMusical Concert
- Place: Theatre

Tickets: Free Entry


Tasjeel Dokhoul “Log In; تسجيل دخول” - Faraj Suleiman

Tasjeel Dokhoul (‘Log In’; تسجيل دخول) is the first album by musician and pianist Faraj Suleiman presenting his original musical works along with new arrangements composed by Mohamed Abdel Wahab, the Rahbani Brothers and others. This album exclusively features the piano, utilising all the musical potential offered by this instrument in order to add to Eastern music and in an effort to develop it without distorting its identity. The work was supported by the A. M. Qattan Foundation.

The goal Suleiman sought is to adopt the piano to fit into Eastern melody. What does Eastern music look like on a Western musical instrument when it’s perceived as a melody apart from its original mould? How can an Arab composer utilise the piano for the purpose of sharpening his music talent? When should an Arab pianist stop before he becomes too affected by Western music and begins losing his identity? And what could a Palestinian pianist give to this fabulous instrument? These are the questions Suleiman tries to answer!

Suleiman has performed in many theatres, international platforms and piano festivals such as the Milan Piano festival, the Piano Festival in Sicily and others.