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حفل غنائي لفرقة DAM
2018Annual Programme
Subcontracted Nations Exhibition Opening
- Place: Gallery

Tickets: Free Entry

Subcontracted Nations Exhibition

Subcontracted Nations is a group exhibition that questions differing concepts of nation. In these times, we are seeing major transformations in these concepts through rhetorical and political discourse across many corners of the globe.
The exhibition draws its title from the proliferation of the processes of sub-contracting found in our world today―whether it is the sub-contracting of health services, or the privatization of public resources including education. These processes have been instrumental in the fragmentation and compartmentalization of public services and the diminution of the role and obligations of the state.

Another question the exhibition will pose is how the different forms of neo-liberal orders in societies are being kept within socially and economically acceptable limits, in a manner considered optimal for preventing dissent and thus serving to maintain the delusion of social agency. The effects of these neo-liberal mechanisms have become intrinsically entrenched in the production of day-to-day relationships, from family to sexual relations, to the status of citizenship and the structure of politics. This imposition of neo-liberal mechanisms has contributed in numerous ways to the transformation of the individual through reformatory techniques, pre-designed lifestyles, dependency, and so forth.


Ahed Izhiman, Ahmad Hamed, Alexandra Sofia Handal, Amer Shomali, Amjad Ghannam, Awatef Romieh, Bashar Hroub, Basheer Makhoul, Bissan Abu Eisheh, Claudio Biorchia, Dirar Kalash, Issa Ghrayeb, Gotfrid Hiln Vein, Habib Asal, Hicham Idriss, Eyad Issa, Jawad Al Malhi, Jonas Staal, Julian Schmidt, Jumana Aboud, Khaled Jarar, Lara Baladi, Larissa Sansour, Lawrence Jordan, Majd Abdel Hamid, Majdal Nateel, Majdi Hadid, Manal Mahameed, May Odeh, Mirna Bamieh, Mohammad Abusal, Mohammad Jolani, Nabil Anani, Naeem Mohaeimin, Nidaa Sinnokrot, Noor Abed, Noria Guel, Ra’fat Assad, Rima Issa, Samira Badran, Sarah Bedengton, Sliman Mansour, Susanne Bosch, Tareq Al Ghusein, Tayseer Barakat, Tayseer Batneji, Teddy Cruze, Tom Bogaert, Oriell Orlo, Vera Tamari, Vladeimmer Tamari, Waseem Fouad, Yazan Khalili.
IRWIN MTL, Ramallah Syndrome, The Convivialist Manefisto, Silent University.
Curator: Yazid Anani
Curator Assistant: Abed Al Rahman Shabaneh, Elin Khoury.