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2018Annual Programme
“Reflections”New Building Opening Concert – A Musical Track for Bishara Al Khill
Musical Concert - Place: Terrace - GF

Tickets: Free Entry


I think I found the words in which I may describe my music:

A scene in which its lenses are pointed and appear bent and crooked if compared to the original and distorted from each side, in which shapes do not resemble their shadows and are strange to themselves, lines that do not know their path. Perhaps its anchors may find their anchorage to rebuild their forms in a world that is abstract, right, sound and healthy, without eloquence or metaphor, in the purity of thought where there are no lenses, no eyes and no sight.

A three-chapter music track, each chapter consists of four scenes connected or separate, each with a certain character and language. A language just like other languages; it differs in the standards of right and wrong. A language of accumulated and acculturated civilisations, which was perfected or distorted in details as misty as the stars that look like large lanterns in impressionist paintings.

Musicians: Mohammad Karazoun, Hussein Abu Al Rob, Mahran Moreb, Waseem Odeh, Bishara Haroni, Jalal Nader, Eleni Mustaklem, Mahmoud Karazoun, Muntaser Jebrini, Hikmat Qemari, Amira Ishaq, Luay Bishara, Rashed Zarour, Jude Amus, Carol Ibrahim.