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2018Annual Programme
Qalandia International Festival Opening




The Fourth Edition of Qalandiya International

Organized under the theme "Solidarity"


The Qalandiya International Festival is the largest international art exhibition in the field of contemporary visual arts in Palestine, organized by the mobilization of efforts and resources of the most important Palestinian cultural institutions dealing with the visual arts in Palestine.


Qalandiya's International activities’ focus primarily on the visual arts, especially the production of multi-media works and exhibitions, but also feature films, workshops, panel discussions, field tours, book launches, and musical performances. In addition, Qalandiya International gathers national and international artists. The event is widely covered by the local and international press.


Qalandiya International incorporates a group of Palestinian cultural and artistic institutions that deal with the visual arts: the International Academy of Arts - Palestine, Ramallah Municipality, the Arab Culture Society, the Palestinian Art Court- Al-Hoash, the Palestinian Art Museum, the Khalil Sakakini Cultural Center, Al-Qattan Foundation and Al-Ma'mal Foundation for Contemporary Art. This year, organizers are looking forward to partnering with new partners and opening doors to cultural institutions operating in the diaspora.



The Cities Exhibition is a series of exhibitions of Palestinian cities, initiated by an exhibition in the city of Jerusalem. The idea of ​​the exhibition is the artist’s Vera Tamari, who decided to seek through the organization of these exhibitions to show the relationship that brings together the place and the human being and to preserve the unique and distinct story of each city. The series of cities exhibitions tries to look beyond the stereotypical representations of nostalgia and folklore, and to place cultural and visual evidence, both old and contemporary, in a perspective that reflects the contrast and harmony between them. The series of exhibitions seeks not only to emphasize the aspects that highlight the uniqueness of these cities, but also to challenge themes related to memory, identity and change.



In collaboration with the Birzeit University Museum, A. M. Al-Qattan Foundation has invited a group of young people interested in learning to work together to create activities related to contemporary visual arts that have led to the formation and production of the content of the 6th edition of the 2018 Cities Exhibition, which is centered around the Palestinian city of Lod. The Exhibition Curators ​​Committee consists of a group of activist in the fields of culture and the arts. The Committee sponsors a continuous discussion with the four members of the group chosen. Its members include the artist, Vera Tamari, Yazid Anani, who has worked as curator on several editions of the exhibition, Tina Sherol is the curator and director of the contemporary visual arts department at Birzeit University, Amer Shomali, an artist and activist in the field of cultural work, and Eyad Issa, an architect and researcher.