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Poetry Reading - Jadal Al Qasim
2018Annual Programme
Poetry Reading - Jadal Al Qasim
- Place: Terrace F(-1)

Tickets: Free Entry


Wheat in Cotton (Kamh Fi Qutton) - Jadal Al Qasim


Honest as DaylightLike the sun, we are stunned by pure truth when it is formed through words that are soft, tender and sweet, but also with complete confidence, stability and continuity. This is what this volume of poetry Wheat in Cotton (Kamh Fi Qutton) attempted to tackle; the truth’s workmanship—this is perhaps the secret of why it is astonishing!

No one disagrees on this collection of poetry, starting from the members of the Qattan competition and ending with this introduction; that what truly distinguishes its writer Sahar; as she says things as they are, with all their contradictions, when we find a false and artificial reality called normality. Hence, unveiling this reality has become like the way the Sufis unveil the sealed: with a philosophical and materialistic tendency entangled in the consciousness of the eloquent metaphors. As if it is establishing a way out of the familiarity of poetry (the sweetest, the most misleading). This in itself is a rare consistency that makes you recognise innovation in this voice, and its tone of seriousness, in terms of creation, modernity and renewal.

The volume’s form, text unity, and structure comes in five chapters, consistent with the writer’s thoughts, which grow into the reader’s inner mind, through a highly exquisite scene that reflects different levels of visions and events, and opens the door wide for pluralism.