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story of the zoo
2018Annual Programme
Play -The Story of The Zoo
- Place: Theatre

Tickets: Free Entry



‘The Story of The Zoo” Play - Eid Aziz


A show will be displayed in Palestine, written by the American writer Edward Albi. The play follows the story of two isolated people, Jerry and Peter, who meet by coincidence in a public park, trying in vain to open a channel of communication but then come to realise that an inordinate amount of time has passed by. It begins with a simple conversation that ends with the death of one of the two. Jerry becomes devastatingly aware as a result of his realisation of these events and of his vision of what will come. He commits suicide by throwing himself on a knife, which he gave to Peter, the ‘citizen-employee’, to use it to defend his position in this world, which he now refuses to belong to.

The script will be processed dramaturgically while reserving the spirit and essence of the text to conform to what is currently taking place in Palestine.


Directed by: Eid Aziz, Dramaturgy: Riad Masarwa, Assistant Director: Petra Barghouti



Amjad Hashem

Eid Aziz


Play Duration: 55 minutes