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Play for Children - The Sad Bird
2018Annual Programme
Play for Children - The Sad Bird
- Place: Theatre

Tickets: Free Entry


The Sad Bird - The Popular Theatre Society


Based on the story of “Ziyad Above Mount Nawras” written by the Swedish writer Yanz, translated into Arabic by Waleed Saif. Quoted by Fathi Abdulrahman.


Play Duration: 60 minutes



Maisa Khatib, Marah Yasine, Lara Nassar, Obeida Salah, Christina Mousa, Razan Khatib, Reem Sarhan, Mohammed Masharqa and Dana Tarifi

Director: Fathi Abdulrahman

Costume: Bashar Al Hroub

Puppet Designer: Abd Elm Salam Abdo

Lighting: Ahmad Salah

Music Composer: Abd El Halim Abo Haltam

Stage Management: Mohammed Froukh



Director's Note:

When Sami was born, the doctor told his parents: “He does not have wings like the rest of the inhabitants of Mount Nawras, and he will never be able to sprout wings. He should get used to it, even though his life will be harder”.

Everyone who suffers from a certain deficiency or disability is in need of help and support to help them integrate, communicate and discover special ways to confront their own challenges, so their life becomes meaningful. How beautiful it is to take the hands of those who need us! How beautiful it is that human brotherhood supports each other’s dreams!