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2018Annual Programme
Play (In Arabic) - Taha
- Place: Theatre

Tickets: Free Entry

Taha - Amer Hlehel

Performed in Palestine, Jordan, Qatar, Algiers, USA, Luxembourg, UK, Australia, Singapore, Canada and Sweden, the award-winning play TAHA is based on the story of the celebrated Palestinian poet Taha Muhammad Ali. His poetry tells of the experience of Palestinian refugees; his story parallels the story of a 1.5 million Palestinians who remained in their homeland after 1948.

This is not a play about the tragedy of a poet, but rather about the triumph of his life. What makes the story of Taha Muhammad Ali so unique and special is that it is the tale of a poet that did not for one moment stop loving.

Taha Muhammad Ali is the beautiful optimistic picture of the Palestinian people—of all of us. In his beloved verses, Taha documents hopeful survival after 50 years of loss—loss of his home, his lover, his friends and his shop in Saffureh in the Galilee.