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Play - Al Mughtariban
2018Annual Programme
Play - Al Mughtariban
- Place: Theatre

Tickets: Free Entry

Al Mughtaribaan – Yes Theatre

Two contradictory personalities in form, thought and content, are apparently paradoxical as we gradually discover that they are similar and converge in many points. A strange relationship emerges between an opposition politician who has been unwillingly—or voluntarily—exiled from his homeland and a modest worker whose ultimate goal in life is to collect the biggest amount of money and return to his family. The play takes place in a cold, simple basement under a modern building. It is during New Year’s Eve; one of the longest years we spent in this place. They celebrate together and talk, laugh, get angry, quarrel and hate each other, yet they can’t neglect the fact that they both need each other. It’s an internal emotional conflict between the self and self. It seems that the two characters of the play know what they want but other times they seem lost, unknowing what they want from each other or from themselves or from life. The viewer might disagree on the goal of the creative writer Slavomir Mirojek, who wrote this piece about alienation in the aftermath of the Prague Spring, or he may have written it for every expatriate on this planet … let’s watch and see!