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عرض أدائي - تواصل
2018Annual Programme
Performance - Tawasol
- Place: Theatre

Tickets: Free Entry



“Tawasol Play” - Eid Aziz

 A synthetic play that combines (music, text, dancing and acting) as communicating tools between performers (actors and dancers) on one hand, and between audience on the other. This work tries to present a contemporary reading of our ways of communication under the influence of technological development and the excessive use of electronic means which replaced the physical and sensory communication between people. Resulting in self alienation and the deviation of behavioral patterns. The work aims to figure out basic human communication tools and to shed light on its importance. The show is about a journey towards self-return aiming to create human social communication. A journey to discover human relations’ aesthetics in a time that the postmodern era tries to penetrate and distort these aesthetics to create an age that is inhuman. The Show: Produced by Balata Cultural Forum and funded by the A.M. Qattan Foundation, Performing Arts Award in cooperation with Sareyyet Ramallah

Duration: 1 hour