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عرض أدائي - بعرض الحائط
2018Annual Programme
Performance - Against a Hard Surface
- Place: Theatre

Tickets: Free Entry


Against a Hard Surface - Yaa Samar! Dance Theatre (YSDT)


Co-creators: Samar Haddad King and Amir Nizar Zuabi

Composer: Muqata’a

Lighting Designer: Muaz Aljubeh

Rehearsal Director: Zoe Rabinowitz

Set Construction: Nader Khoury

Cast: Yukari Osaka, Zoe Rabinowitz, Ayman Safiah, Mohammed Smahneh, Samaa Wakeem and Fidaa Zidan

Duration: 65 minutes


About the Show:


What happens to a group of people isolated from the rest of the world by a wall? How do they understand this confined space and how does restriction affect emotional and physical behaviour? Against a Hard Surface, an evening-length dance theatre piece created by Theatre Director Amir Nizar Zuabi and Choreographer Samar Haddad King, is a portrayal of human resistance and resilience in a dystopian landscape. Living and creating in Palestine, England and the US, King and Zuabi—in their fifth collaboration—investigate how a population survives this high-pressure ecosystem of unremitting political strain, violence and containment. European Premiere: Theatre der Welt Festival—Thalia Gaußstrasse—Hamburg, Germany (June 2017)

Against a Hard Surface is a production of Yaa Samar! Dance Theatre and supported by the A.M Qattan Foundation/The Qattan Grant for Performing Arts 2016 and Covillo Lynch Foundation and co-produced by Sareyyet Ramallah in partnership with the Palestinian Museum.