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Musical Concert - Silk Path
2018Annual Programme
silk path
Musical Concert - Silk Path
- Place: Theatre

Tickets: Free Entry



Silk Path - Ibrahim Khatib and Yusef Hbeish


Silk Path was inspired by the road taken by Arab merchants and others that was developed into the culture trade: take what you need and give what others need.

Silk Path is my personal path. I grew up within these diversities. I listened to and learned different cultures through my enjoyment of Sabreen and Led Zeppelin, Al Kasabji and L.V. Bethoven, Sayyed Darweesh and Bob Dylan, Um Kulthom and Jimmy Hendrix, Chaurasia and J.S. Bach and Paco de Lucia. I never intended to mix any of them, nor was I much obsessed by a musical renewal. I simply enjoyed the beauty of the music. Taking the Silk Road approach of exchange, I chose what suits my cultural values and beliefs shaping my musical identity.

Making music should be a purely personal choice. I composed music that I longed to, trying to avoid being trapped by a ‘music recipe’—the safe zone, or composing music according to the common basics. Silk Path was created with musical sincerity, wishing the listener an exciting experience.