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Ramallah Syndrome
2018Annual Programme
Ramallah Syndrome
Musical Concert – Ramallah Syndrome
- Place: Terrace - GF

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Ramallah Syndrome


Ramallah Syndrome is a collective that examines the side effect of the new spatial and social order that emerged after the collapse of the Oslo ‘peace process’ that was manifested in an urban psychology of ‘hallucination of normality’, the fantasy of a co-existence of occupation and liberty. The work of the collective inclines on questioning issues such as the illusions and realities of the establishment of a sovereign Palestinian state; likewise, the consequence of the perpetual persistence of a colonial regime and its legacy on Palestinian national identity. Ramallah Syndrome is ultimately about the critique and potentiality associated with forms of resistance and subjugation in a colonial context. The collective’s conversations were represented through different forms in the 53rd International Venice Art Biennale Palestine c/o Venice 2009, 2nd edition of Cities Exhibition Ramallah – The Fairest of Them All?


Participants in this edition: Sandi Hilal, Alessandro Petti




Istiwanat - War, love and freedom

Apo and the Apostles - Beddi Masari

Shadi Ghassan Zaqtan - Ramallah

Nour Al Ra’i and Ahmad Mizro - The Roving Glimpse of Your Thoughts




Apo and the Apostles, آبو اند ذا أبوستلز
Ahmad Mizro, أحمد مزعرو
Shadi Zaqtan, شادي زقطان
Istiwanat, اسطوانات
Nour Al Ra'i, نور الراعي