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Light Show – Blake Shaw
2018Annual Programme
Light Show – Blake Shaw
Musical Concert -

Tickets: Free Entry

Video Painting

Created for the purpose of exploring the relationship between video, mark making and architecture, Video Painting is an interactive graffiti technology that allows users to ‘paint’ videos in real time onto the walls in an urban space. Using specially designed electronic paint rollers and custom software, the system is able to create the effect of painting videos on walls similarly to the way graffiti artists use wheat paste for flyposting. As the roller traverses the wall, parts of the video are revealed in the path of the roller. As more of the wall is ‘painted’, more of the video is revealed. It is also possible to collage videos; users can choose layers of videos to paint on top of one another, allowing them to experiment with the moving image as a material for making marks. A long-time supporter of Palestinian resistance, Blake Shaw will create a series of videos celebrating the achievements of the international BDS campaign and support for the right of Palestinians around the world to return to Palestine for the opening of the new A.M. Qattan Foundation building.