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Subcontracted Nations Lecture – Ameen and Natasha
2018Annual Programme
Lecture - Ameen and NitashaSubcontracted Nations Exhibition
- Place: Main Hall

Tickets: Free Entry


Reorient, Form, Unsettle
A performance-lecture by MTL Collective, a group that has consistently pushed the boundaries of
artistic and political practice since its founding in 2010.Through a series of questions structured as a
call and response between each other, they explore publishing projects, staging provocations, developing
and deploying research methods in occupied Palestine, New York, UAE and India, and facilitating
organizing movement spaces. Nitasha Dhillon and Amin Husain engage in a range of interconnected
sites of struggle, experimenting with forms of art and protest aimed at resisting global systems of
gentrification, colonialism, empire, and capital, as they imagine what it means for an artist to be
engaged in struggle.

MTL Collective
Amin Husain (b. 1975) is a Palestinian-American artist based in New York. Nitasha Dhillon (b. 1985,
India) is an artist based in New York and New Delhi.
Nitasha Dhillon and Amin Husain are the MTL Collective, a collaboration that joins research, aesthetics,
organising and action in its practice. As MTL, they are co-founders of Tidal.