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مجموعة نحو التجريب والإبداع
2018Annual Programme
Honoring of “New Visions” Collective
- A.M. Qattan Foundation Old Building

Tickets: Free Entry

New Visions

Duress and hardship can affect people in different ways. For some, difficult conditions can generate an explosion of creative energies while for others it can destroy their abilities and resources. Innumerable difficulties for more than five decades now, have touched almost every aspect of life for the Palestinians. For long they were subjected to a policy of cultural isolation in an attempt to obliterate any manifestation of self expression and identity. But the Palestinians faced those difficulties with resilience proving their ability to accomplish major achievements in many fields; above all they managed to and maintain their identity as a people. It is not uncommon to find political symbolism in the artistic expression of people struggling for freedom. Aesthetic values are often sublimated in favor of revolutionary subject-matter. For the Palestinian artist, political themes were for many years part of visual vocabulary. Those were a necessary means to express the aspirations and dreams of his people but he never ceased to explore new aesthetic venues and ways of expression. This continuous search reflected a deep sense of liberation and inner freedom. The Palestinian artist sought beauty and truth while daily struggling to survive and attain freedom. Artists: Tayseer Barakat, Suleiman Mansour, Nabil Anani, Vera Tamari

MC: Khaled Hourani

Vera Tamari
Nabil Anani
Suleiman Mansour
tayseer Barakat