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On the Edge
2018Annual Programme
على الحافة
Film - On the Edge by Leila KilaniSubcontracted Nations Films – Feature Films
- Place: Theatre

Tickets: Free Entry



On the Edge by Leila Kilani



Duration: 1h 50min | Drama | 1 February 2012



In Tangier, Badia and Imane, two young Moroccan girls around 20 years old, walk in line amongst an army of workers who fill up the city with their coming and going. They both work in a shrimp-packaging factory, a difficult and humiliating job, where the strong odour of shrimp seeps into the pores of their skin. Badia's hands are busy but her head is idle; she perfumes herself with lies to wash away the shrimp smell and pretends to be someone else. Badia can flap her wings as much as she likes but she'll never fly.