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2018Annual Programme
Debate - Subcontracted Nations Exhibition Curator: Najwan Berekdar
- Place: Gallery

Tickets: Free Entry

Impact of Art Projects on Local Policies

We are all aware of the obstacles that the occupation has and continues to impose on Palestinian cities and villages which led in turn to hampering the development and implementation of national planning policies and limited potentials for future expansion. Under the current political condition and local context decision-makers and planning institutions are subject to major challenges. The urban planning process allows the Palestinian Authority to devise future spatial visions and concepts and as such, the possible and important question to pose here regarding the Palestinian situation is how can the urban planning process be managed and how can the space be organized under volatile political and economic conditions using available resources to achieved the desired goals? And what is the role of artists and architects with nationalist feelings and concerns in this process? This debate discusses the role of arts in the national project and strategic planning. It aims at highlighting arts as an instrument of influence on communities, the importance of their role in impacting local planning policies, and their role as a tool for knowledge and preservation of the collective identity and the character of the space. On the one hand, the discussion revolves around an assessment of the Palestinian situation and the responsibility of artists and architects to engage in organized political activism through the local authorities, union, and others, and the responsibility and interest of local communities in soliciting advice from experts and showing national responsibility and openness to accommodate their opinions that address the national and developmental dimensions on the other.