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2018Annual Programme
Debate - "Subcontracted Nations"Curator: Najwan Berekdar
- Place: Gallery

Tickets: Free Entry

Active Role of Artists and Intellectuals in The Current Stage of The National Struggle

Intellectuals have a pioneering, revolutionary, and drastic role in liberation movements, heroic resistance battles, and popular uprisings against occupation and colonialism on the path to liberation and national independence as well as in standing up, resisting, and rejecting wars provided that these intellectuals are attuned to the dreams, pains, concerns, and aspirations of the people, stimulating them out of their dormant state because there is a link between culture and creativity and popular revolts. However, a closer look at the current Palestinian situation, begs the question on whether or not the intellectuals are aware and understand the dangers of the current stage. If we assumed that intellectuals understand precisely the nature of the current stage, another question emerges: are intellectuals undertaking their role in the confrontation? Intellectuals are the most capable of criticizing the reality and contributing towards developing the society. Intellectuals believe in the role of intellect and culture and the role of human beings in resisting the situation and leading the change. Therefore, they try to shift the awareness of the people and project this reality from the people’s minds into the realm of intellect. Assuming that intellectuals and artists understand the dangers of the current phase in Palestine, the natural question would be: are they undertaking their role in standing up to the difficulties and dangers of the current stage in Palestine today? Do they figure strongly in this process? This debate addresses the role of the current Palestinian intellectuals in bringing about change and in the act of resistance? The discussion will focus on the following question: is the role of Palestinian intellectuals and artists in the national struggle limited to their cultural production only? Is there a need for them to have an active role in the national struggle and the shaping of awareness of the cause outside their cultural works and productions?