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وينك، سامر بشارة
2018Annual Programme
وينك، سامر بشارة
Concert - Waynak
- Place: Theatre

Tickets: Free Entry




Waynak - Samir Bishara




Waynak, a ten-year effort by the Siraj Choir, is their first album, compiled of original work. The song “Waynak,” the namesake of the album, is their first song on the album. Most of the songs are composed and distributed by the leader and choreographer Samer Bishara. In addition, the album was part of a collaboration with many writers, poets and composers, such as the Palestinian poet Samih El Kassem, writer Botrus Dallah, zajalist Joseph Akkari (Lebanon), artist Alaa Azzam, artist Salem Darwish and artist Khair Foudi.