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Concert - Mina
2018Annual Programme
Concert - Mina
- Place: Terrace - GF

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Mina مينا (Arabic for “port”, Portuguese for “mine” as a raw material source) is a band that was formed like little sailboats, filled to the brim with rough diamonds, that fortuitously berth in the same port. Its members met without prior knowledge or planning, but it conjured into a deliberate coincidence, one with clear features and a path. The band came together to hunt for this musical legacy, enriched by the experience of its people and their stilted way of life, deriving from it its most solid nucleus: instinct. From instinct and its pristine sensory, the people wrote and chanted about love and war, about relationships and beauty, about mother nature, revolutions and the stories of their ancestors, manifesting their customs and traditions with joy, sketching the images of their sailors waiting their return to their wives, lovers’ promises to meet by the water spring and revolutionaries’ dreams for freedom.



Band members:


Miguel Guerra | Sound Technician

Pedro Lima Pereira | Guitar

Ricardo Coelho | Percussion

Rui Ferreira | Bass, Piano

Sofia Adriana Portugal | Vocal, Percussion

Terez Sliman | Vocal, Percussion


The band was formed in 2015 and since then has played in Egypt, France, Jordan, Palestine, Portugal and Tunisia, selling out in most venues. Mina مينا recorded its first album in 2015, choosing nine songs from Palestine, Portugal, Spain, Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia and Brazil. It not only presents these songs in an album while rearranging them, altering their lyrics and reworking their melodies, but also seeks to contribute to the transmission of the knowledge related to musical heritage.