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“Borders and Nations” Lecture
2018Annual Programme
“Borders and Nations” Lecture
- Place: Main Hall

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Illegal Traveller

Based on fieldwork among undocumented immigrants and asylum seekers Illegal Traveller offers a narrative of the polysemic nature of borders, border politics, and rituals and performances of border-crossing. Interjecting personal experiences into ethnographic writing it is ‘a form of self-narrative that places the self within a social context’


Shahram Khosravi


Shahram Khosravi is Professor of Social Anthropology at Stockholm University and the author of the books: Young and Defiant in Tehran, University of Pennsylvania Press (2008); The Illegal Traveler: an auto-ethnography of borders, Palgrave (2010); and Precarious Lives: Waiting and Hope in Iran, University of Pennsylvania Press (2017), and is the editor of After Deportation: Ethnographic Perspectives, Palgrave (2017). He has been an active writer in the Swedish press and has also written fiction.